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Transcendental Illuminations: Autobiographies Of A Seeker And A Saint

by Mari Tankenoff, Scott Berger

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Throughout history, human beings have searched for meaningful answers, and above all else, Truth. As seekers, we pursue what we perceive will provide the ultimate fulfillment. Bearing timely messages of eternal wisdom, Transcendental Illuminations has been created to encourage, assist, and support people in their pursuit of Truth and individual conscious evolution.

Transcendental Illuminations inspires and invites readers to explore and contemplate existence beyond their interpreted "truths." Neither predicatory nor dogmatic, this book reacquaints people with the recognition that they alone hold the very keys to their individual conscious experiences and ultimate soul evolution. Transcendental Illuminations reveals the discoveries of two Truth-seekers through their firsthand experiences and research of world history, biblical truth, and the frontiers of science.

In Transcendental Illuminations, you will uncover the Truth regarding:
- The patterns of secret-keeping and the influence of determined Truth seekers throughout history
- Contaminating influences that stunt and undermine your personal and spiritual growth
- The role of reincarnation in spiritual evolution
- Dharma and karma and how they relate to free-will choice and personal accountability
- The stories told in the Old and New Testaments
- The perceptions and misperceptions about God and True Holiness
- The fabric and composition of the universe
- Spiritual Renaissance: Two Advanced Upliftment Techniques for soul evolution and ultimate fulfillment of all earth humankind

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