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They Called Me the Hillside Rapist

by Jay Chapman, Patrick Coyle

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For nine months in 1981, a monster roamed the streets of Saint Paul, Minnesota, indiscriminately assaulting and raping at least sixteen women. He became known as the Hillside Rapist by a frustrated police department and the deeply traumatized residents of the Cathedral Hill neighborhood where the crimes were carried out.


During that time, Jay Chapman was finishing his final year of high school. He lived near Cathedral Hill and was not unknown to the local police. His infractions were of the rough and tumble nature: fighting, truancy, petty theft. Jay had a girlfriend of two years, Jody, and they were devoted to each other, anxious to graduate and begin their life together.

One night in January 1982, the police showed up at Jay's house and said he was the monster who had been raping all those women. He was arrested in his parents' kitchen and brought to jail, beginning a legal nightmare so traumatic Jay has not been able to talk about it until now, nearly forty years later.

This is the story of Jay Perry Chapman who, for an insane episode of his life, was known as the Hillside Rapist.

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