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The White Star

by A. E. Martinson II

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For more than two thousand years, an ancient chest in Israel has been passed down from generation to generation in the Kohath family. And during that same time, a violent, evil power has been creeping around trying to destroy it. Now the chest is in Raphael Town, USA, and so is the evil power!

Fourteen-year-old Nolan Tobeluka and his younger brother, Grant, are having a fun summer with Nolan's best friend, Abraham Kohath, and Abraham's younger sister, Aliza, until disaster strikes.

Abraham and Aliza worry that the chest their papa brought back from Israel is cursed and the reason bad things are happening to their family, causing their parents to contemplate moving far away.

Unhappy that his best friend and his family may be forced to leave their home, Nolan, with help from Grant, Abraham, and Aliza, creates a plan and hopes it'll work. But Nolan doesn't realize the power of the malicious monster he's up against! It will take all his strength, and the help of friends old and new, to fight this raging, evil force.

About the Author . . . Author A. E. Martinson II is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, and a father. A. E. didn't start writing until later in life, and his career path has included many pivots: salesman, entrepreneur, manufacturer, and independent truck driver. Between jobs, A. E. began creating a game, a prototype out of wood, in the hope of it being manufactured by a toy company. As he was building the prototype's base, he noticed the shape resembled the sun. The sun's image stuck with him, such that he began looking up facts about the sun. As the days turned into weeks, a story began to unfold, and A. E. started to write, even though he'd never been a writer. He wrote regardless, relying on God's help and direction, to create The White Star.

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