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The Truth: Which Version Will They Sell?

by Quentin Brent

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Economic security at any cost.

That’s what Zane Donovan told himself when he discovered the seemingly stable US economy was propped up by a dark secret and decided to keep it under wraps. But a secret is a loaded gun, especially when powerful players have a motive to bring the economy to its knees.

The US President believes that when the scandal is exposed, the resulting witch hunt will necessitate a consolidation of power—which is more than all right with him.

A special-ops agent sees the deck stacked for revolution and wants to bring power back to the people . . . by burning it all down.

The chair of the Federal Reserve wants control and the fame that comes with being the world’s economic savoir.

Zane knows a cover-up, at any cost, is the best way to preserve confidence in the economy. But exactly how far is he willing to go for his country and himself?

The high-level, high-stakes machinations lead to fighting, blood, and death—all to preserve the largest casualty of all.

The Truth.

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