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The Sun Will Never Set

by Bethany Borgschatz

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Rollo the Norseman, a fierce warrior, has stormed the walls of Paris and pillaged coastal towns along the shores of Europe. In an effort to control the violent Norsemen raids, King Charles grants Rollo the rule of West Francia. In return, Rollo denounces his pagan gods, is baptized a Christian, and agrees to defend the area. The loss of his gods for a new faith and the burden of ruling over a blended people weigh heavy upon him. Will taking a Frankish Christian wife help him find balance between these two contrasts?

Rollo sets his eyes upon the city of Bayeux and the beautiful noblewoman rumored to reside there.

Poppa, handmaiden to the lady of Bayeux, possesses a tongue that is as fierce as her sword wielding hand. Her faith in the Lord is strong and guides her convictions. Will the plan she hatches in the last breath of battle help her save her lady?

Rollo is determined to make the city and its riches his.

Poppa is determined to protect her lady at any cost.

Destiny would bring them together, impulse would forge their union, and a prophetic promise would keep them fighting for their future generations.

About the Author... Bethany Borgschatz lives in a little house on a bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota, with her husband, two daughters, a husky, and two cats. She hails originally from the other side of the Mighty Mississippi in the grand cheesehead land of Wisconsin. In her free time you'll find her on the couch with a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and her current read. Borgschatz has been dreaming up and writing stories since she could hold a pencil. Her works consist mainly of notebooks filled with scenes that had to bleed out but may never see the light of day. The Sun Will Never Set is her first completed novel.

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