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The Road to Respectability: Murray Williamson’s Role in US Hockey

by John Schaidler, Murray Williamson

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The history of US amateur hockey is full of unique and colorful characters, but in the decades leading up to Team USA's 1980 "Miracle on Ice," one man threads through it all. Only Murray Williamson scored a hat trick against a team of collegiate all-stars led by superstar John Mayasich; played alongside and coached the legendary Herb Brooks; fired Minnesota hockey icon John Mariucci; and became the first US hockey coach to go behind the Iron Curtain to watch the mighty Soviets train.

This is the story, warts and all, of a national hockey team that won Olympic gold in 1960 only to hit rock bottom with a humiliating 17-2 loss to Sweden at the world championships a mere three years later, a defeat so embarrassing it prompted President John F. Kennedy to quip, "Who are we sending over there, girls?"

Drawn from Williamson's personal journals, contemporaneous writings, and countless interviews, The Road to Respectability offers rare and unfiltered access to many of amateur hockey's key turning points, momentous decisions, and needless blunders. With characteristic wit and candor, Williamson highlights the invaluable contributions of the largely unheralded men whose selfless dedication, passion, and seemingly endless grunt work laid the foundation for future players to go toe to toe with the best hockey teams on the planet.

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