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The Reason: It's About More Than Just the Money

by Quentin Brent

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The Reason was honored as a Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards' First Novel Category for 2016

Illicit profits were part of Zane Donovan's work at a financial firm. Suddenly the stakes change when his family is violently abducted. Following a trail that was never meant to be uncovered, he realizes that the Great Recession of 2008 granted the government control that America's founding fathers never meant for it to have. By printing money with Quantitative Easing, the Federal Reserve is doing something no criminal has ever accomplished--and the catastrophic economic implications are worth killing over.

Zane's race to save his family leads him to a corrupt Federal Reserve Chairman with a sinister past, a beautiful computer espionage expert, and even a God-fearing, gun-toting grandma. As Zane confronts his tormentors, his training in mixed martial arts allows him to finally understand that mom was wrong--sometimes violence does have a purpose.

In this first book of a series, Zane must decide between exposing the truth or preserving the financial strength of the world. However, only Zane knows the real truth and why it can't be revealed. The Federal Reserve isn't just about money. While it also involves domination and control, it all comes back to one thing.

The Reason.

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