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The Land without Color

by Benjamin Ellefson

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Color-thieving goblins. Ice cream-breathing dragons. Can a 12-year-old boy unlock the secret to saving an enchanted kingdom?

Alvin loves adventure. And when he receives a pack of never-popping gum for his twelfth birthday, he's thrilled when he blows a bubble so large it carries him to a magical land. But he knows something must be wrong when everything in the strange country is gray - even the grass and trees!

Teaming up with a friendly squirrel, Alvin sets out to learn where all the different hues have gone. But when he's mistaken for a goblin, the young hero worries his quest may be over after he's locked away in a prison with a bunch of other lost kids.

Can Alvin escape the dull iron bars and restore this drab world to its vibrant beauty?

The Land without Color is the whimsical first book in the Land without Color middle grade fantasy series. If you or your child like thought-provoking fables, courageous characters, and lighthearted action, then you'll love Benjamin Ellefson's award-winning escapade.

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