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The Joys of Old Age

by Robert MacGregor Shaw

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In this humorous book, Robert MacGregor Shaw, a professional curmudgeon, reveals the joys of old age, with chapters drawing attention to old-age joys like schadenfreude in traffic (a primal joy) and the joy of discarding table manners.


In the following pages, old people will be called old people, not senior citizens. You will not encounter sugary phrases like "golden years," "glory road," or "silver" to describe old people. Nor will you find other euphemisms created by hucksters to sell hearing aids, cures for hair loss, or control of hemorrhoids. What you will find are reminders of the joy received from outwitting the Poltergeist (the dirty little demon who tampers with your memory) and stomping the wastebasket (both therapeutic and efficient!).

A warning: If you have not yet reached your eightieth birthday, put this book down. Do not read it. It will be bad for your health and general well-being. If you have bought the book, be sure to keep the receipt-- you may want your money back. The library won't want it. Give it to a fellow troglodyte or a poor homeless wretch you meet on the street.

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