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The Agile Network: A Model to Foster Innovation, Implementation, and Diffusion in Healthcare Systems

by PhD Craig A. Solid, Richard J. Holden

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Imagine a healthcare system where care is evidence-based and personalized.


What if you and your loved ones could receive care from a system that was designed to be compassionate, earned your trust, and worked to develop a long-term relationship with you and your community?

Currently, the quality of care in the United States' healthcare system varies greatly. Poor or outdated practices persist despite new findings and updated clinical guidelines. Misleading advertisements, inappropriate procedures, and medical errors are common. Providers and health systems have little incentive to act proactively or treat the entire patient. Patients and families are not empowered to choose or direct their care and have limited access to information and clinical care team members.

There is a better way. Transforming healthcare requires a large network of passionate change agents to make healthcare better for everyone. Join the leading innovators in healthcare to discover what needs to change in healthcare today-- and how to do just that.

Craig A. Solid, PhD, is the author of The Agile Network and Return on Investment for Healthcare Quality Improvement. To learn more about him, his studies, and his books, visit

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