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Star's Purpose: An Air Force Mission

by Krista Betcher

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Twinkle, twinkle. Star winks and blinks through the night.

But he wants to be more than a nighttime twinkler. He wants to make a difference all the time.

One morning, Star sees a glimmer from below. Will Star discover the secret to the daytime sparkle?

Star's Purpose is an Air Force book for kids that supports the idea that our "Air Force stars" have a very important job, day and night.

Families searching for a special connection while their loved one is away will be reassured with the gentle reminder that, "Every time I see a star, I'll think of you."


KRISTA BETCHER is a military mom, a teacher, and an award-winning author. Her books are inspired by her life experiences and are written to help others with their own life changes. Krista has written extensively about grief, for both adults and children, with her titles I Know You're Here, I Know You're Here: A Companion Journal, Flutter, Bye, and My Flutter, Bye. Her other titles include Lead On!, a discussion starter about talents, gifts, and positive leadership, Breathe, Ollie!, a mindfulness book for children, and YAB Helps You Navigate Middle School.

BRIAN SCHMIDT has been lost in the magical world of drawing since he was a kid, creating mazes, castles, and creatures galore. He found his calling as an illustrator after his career in architecture left him wanting more time to be creative. He lives and works in Minnesota's Twin cities with his wife, Sara.

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