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Sam's Wind Worries

by Carolyn Zobel

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Late one night, Grandma's dog Sam can't understand how something he can't see could blow curtains and make strange noises in the chimney. That night's worrisome situation is finally solved through playful imagination and a quiet demeanor. Sam finds that Grandma not only understands wind, but also understands him.


SAM'S WIND WORRIES will entertain dog lovers of all ages and inspire them to make up their own bedtime stories for their pets.


CAROLYN ZOBEL enjoys spending time with her family, photography, nature with its billowing, cotton-filled clouds on a sunny day, and a walk in the woods or along the lapping waves of the California shore. After attending the University of Miami, she and her husband, Bob, raised four children, who turned into nine grandchildren and two great-grandsons. Because she always enjoyed writing, she gave herself the gift of publishing her most recent story, and it has been an adventure.

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