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Raising Little Duck

by Gordon W. Fredrickson

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Raising Little Duck is a timeless story of survival. When a neighbor gives three duck eggs to Mom, she challenges her son to raise the ducklings. After the ducklings hatch, the boy find that one has a deformed bill and will need special care. He pleads with his mom to let him try and save the duckling. But is he up to the task? And will the duckling grow to be a useful part of the flock? Based on his childhood experience raising a duckling with an abnormal bill, the author shares a poignant story that will pull at the heartstrings of readers of all ages and inspire them to cheer for the survival of a little creature born with a life-threatening birth defect. Gordon's biographical story, coupled with the marvelously expressive illustrations by Sidona Malz, will compel readers to embrace the plight of the duckling as if their very own well-being depended on his survival.
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