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Plan B Curling: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques for Recreational Hack Dwellers

by Darrin Bergman

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Plan B Curling describes the game as it's played at the recreational level-- the version of curling you don't see on TV.

If you love the roaring game of curling but seldom find enough time to practice, this good-humored, instructive book can help you achieve your full potential as a recreational curler. In Plan B Curling, Darrin Bergman distills decades of recreational curling experience into simple principles and practical advice that will increase your curling knowledge and proficiency, regardless of your level of experience. Supplemented with enlightening graphics, the book offers a straightforward approach for competing at the club-league level. And covers a wide variety of curling topics.

  • Strategy: learn how to select shots to make your team more productive
  • Ice reading: understand the subtle factors that affect the stone's path
  • Sweeping: harness tips for making better sweeping judgements
  • Delivery mechanics: employ techniques for minimizing unintended variables
  • Team chemistry: identify curling personalities and how they mesh
  • Personal mastery: apply guidelines for becoming a better curler

Get the most out of your natural ability to become the best curler you can be, no matter your experience level. The Plan B Curling approach celebrates participation over perfection and emphasizes continuous improvement, regardless of wins and losses.

About the author . . . Darrin Bergman grew up ninety miles south of the Canadian border and comes from a long lineage of recreational curlers. Participating in leagues and bonspiels throughout the midwestern United States and southern Canada, he's curled in six different decades as a member of five different curling clubs in three states. He is the founding member of the Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minnesota. Bergman and his wife raised three children in Shoreview, Minnesota, and currently reside in a lake home in northern Minnesota, where they are frequently visited by a growing brood of active grandchildren.

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