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by David Haight

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In Overdrive, David Haight's debut novel, morality, art, and identity are on a collision course as Caroline, a woman who feels empty unless she's desired, Joe, a womanizer who cannot recognize his inability to love, and Lipman, an aspiring writer unable to commit to the responsibilities of adulthood for fear of losing his muse, all try to find out who they are in a world of blurred realities.
Unsure of what they want, but driven by the knowledge that they aren't getting it, they flee the unyielding pressure to conform to society's vision of success--in love, art, and money--and, fueled by panic, speed toward an inevitable climax. A story of self-deception and the fragility of self-discovery, this novel explores the dangers and temptations of the modern quest for happiness and self-understanding.
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