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Oma Finds a Miracle

by Patrick Mader

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Miracles abound. Come join Oma as she tells her grandchildren a story about the doubted survival of a calf born in a snowstorm. Alone on the farm, Oma races the clock in a desperate attempt to save the calf. With resourcefulness and perseverance, can she achieve a farmland miracle?

Children will be drawn into this story, along with Oma's grandchildren as concern for the calf s survival mounts. Based on actual events from the author's upbringing on a Midwestern farm, the book focuses on the value of determination and the spirit of motherhood.

Illustrator Andrew Holmquist collaborates with author Patrick Mader to capture the wintry farmscape and a bustling household facing an anxious time. The detailed illustrations clearly reflect the sense of hope depicted in the story.

Readers who recognize the rewards and hardships of farm life, positive messages, and miracles in life will especially appreciate Oma Finds a Miracle.

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