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Not My First Classroom: A Guide to Supporting Experienced Teachers in New Roles

by Greg Schnagl

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Each fall, nearly half a million US teachers are hired. More than 75 percent of those educators have previous teaching experience - more than three out of four of them.


Newly graduated elementary school teachers arrive at their first classroom armed with a fresh education and faculty ready to show them the ropes. But what about the experienced teachers - those who have taken on a new role in an unfamiliar school, district, or even city? It's time we do for teachers what teachers do for students: provide them wit the necessary environment, material, and personal support systems so they can feel competent - and connected - as quickly as possible.


Combining first-hand accounts with current research in retention practices, Schnagl provides school administrators, team members, and new hires with practical, low-to-no-cost strategies for meeting the unique needs of experienced grade school teachers tackling new roles.


With simple solutions centered on existing resources, Not My First Classroom will help educators retain those valuable, experienced teachers they so longed to find.


Greg Schnagl is interested in what makes educators tick. As the founder and owner of TeacherCentricity, he provides focused supports for experienced educators, knowing that happier teachers lead to better schools. Greg has a master's and doctorate in education, and researches grade-level team cohesion and new-hire on boarding. He went to school in Minnesota, and still remembers the names of all his favorite teachers.

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