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Modern Day Gypsy

by Gypsy Brown

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The answer to the question on everybody's mind lies in-between the pages of this refreshing collection of short stories where Gypsy discovers the secret to satisfaction by accepting her insatiable appetite for the unknown.

Gypsy, a spirited city girl from the suburbs of Detroit, finds herself in a career that fits into her lifestyle perfectly, a flight attendant for Encompass Airlines. Because she has always had an attraction to space travel and the wonders of the world, this career move appears to be destiny calling. Gypsy's world seems impossibly fascinating as she wanders through different countries in exquisite clothing and pricey stilettos, sampling the world of relationships and giving readers an inside invitation to enjoy her incredible life on the fly. She travels to some of the most fantastic cities and has unrestricted access to the rich and the powerful: basketball players, prime ministers, police officers, and, of course, pilots. Her increasing desire for spontaneous relationships flourishes with each amazing story.

Modern Day Gypsy is hugely revealing and provides unobstructed views from the top with a humorous narration that connects through a series of exchanges, problems with work, broken friendships, and spicy love affairs. She may have to consider giving up the fast lane for a slower paced city life when she's faced with a life-altering decision that could either destroy her passionate spirit or heal her misguided soul. The choice is hers to make and the options are clear, but the window of opportunity is closing in fast on Gypsy's world of glamour.

Do flight attendants really have a Man in every port of call?

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