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Minnesota in the Raw: Poems

by Tom Gillaspy

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Escape your world of modern chaos for the tranquil lakes and forests found in Minnesota in the Raw.

Beauty in Minnesota is everywhere. Not so much the dramatic beauty of majestic mountains or grand vistas, viewed from afar. Rather a more intimate beauty, often experienced up close and just in the moment. Minnesota does not in fact yield up its exotic beauty to the casual observer. At first, it may appear as just another of those boring, Midwestern places, somewhat more forested and wet (lakey) than Iowa and the Dakotas, cold in the winter and buggy in the summer. Nothing dramatic like tall mountains or deep canyons. But intimacy has its reward. This collection of poems explores the often small, often transitory subtle beauty of the place as seen through the eyes of one raised in the near tropics of the Gulf Coast and the piney woods of East Texas, but who has lived, and now retired, in Minnesota for more than four decades. With every walk through the forest or along a rural lane, one is greeted with new surprises; gifts of nature. A graceful waltz through life. Minnesota is truly an exotic home.

About the Author: When Tom Gillaspy moved to Minnesota, it was to be a temporary career stint. That was forty-one years ago. He fell in love with the place, especially when canoeing in the Boundary Waters or walking in the woods.

Tom Gillaspy grew up in the nearly tropical climate on the Texas Gulf Coast and moved to Minnesota from southern California in 1979. Since retiring as Demographer for Minnesota, Tom has published two collections of poetry (Fly Like an Eagle and And the Rough Places) and a children's book (Piko, The Dog with No Tail), edited a collection of stories by eighth-graders in Kenya (Under the Mukusu Tree), and written the libretto for a piece for organ and percussion (Shade in a Parched Land by Aaron David Miller).

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