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Little Tadpole

by Darlene Messner Hand

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Little Tadpole wants legs, but it's hard to be patient sometimes. How long will he have to wait?

About the Author & Illustrator . . . Darlene Messner Hand was born on her family's farm three miles east of Northfield, Minnesota. While growing up, she loved spending time on her aunt and uncle's farm, playing with her cousins. Cousin Chuck made wonderful rafts to float on their pond. Darlene, her sister Donna, and her cousin Carol had many fun adventures on these rafts. It was in this pond that Darlene found a caddisfly larva, not knowing before then that such a creature existed. Her love for tadpoles, frogs, and all pond life never diminished.

Darlene's grandmother, who lived with her family, was a self-taught artist. Darlene spent many hours watching her grandmother paint pictures and make many other artistic crafts, fun watching for a little girl.

Darlene attended St. Olaf College in Northfield for one year. She then married her husband, Roger, a farmer. They had five children. Their family now includes five grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. Darlene enjoys her family and reading. She is involved in organizations helping those who are suffering from poverty and social injustice.

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