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Life's Been Quite A Ride!

by Char Hufkins

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There are a lot of memoirs out there, but you would be hard pressed to find another like Life's Been Quite a Ride! Unlike most others, this book starts now, with Char's stories as a senior, and works its way back to her childhood experiences. In addition, it's not a life story, which can tend to drag on for some readers-- especially if the writer is not a celebrity. Instead, a lifetime of stories, memories, and anecdotes will touch you with their humor, nostalgia, and uniqueness. This author has geared her book to be entertaining to all readers, both known and unknown, young and old alike. Life's Been Quite a Ride! also includes some great photographs and other memorabilia, which complement many of the stories. Enjoy this uplifting book with friends and family, and remember or reflect on one of the most influential generations ever--The Baby Boomers.
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