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Joey and His Jealous Pants

by Jennifer Pachel, Stephanie Pachel

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Stephanie and Jenny Pachel have created a character in Joey that is not only a friend to children, but a valuable learning tool, as well.

Joey's closet is full of pants; each pair is a different color, and carries a different emotion. Joey discovers the meaning of each emotion and learns how to deal with them, realizing he cannot let his emotions control him anymore than he would let a pair of pants. The first in the series, Joey and His Jealous Pants, personalizes jealousy in a way that allows children to identify, specify, and work through some of those tough ''kid'' situations. Useful at home, in the classroom, or for children with special needs such as Asperger's or autism, Joey will prove to be your child's new best friend as they travel together down the path of emotional discovery.

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