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Henry! You're Late Again!

by Mary Evanston Bleckwehl

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Late for school, late for school, what's a first grader to do? Do you have a BIG BAD WOLF waiting in your school office every time you're late for school? Henry does! Her name is Miss Timberlane. She is the school secretary and she's causing him a LOT of anxiety. What's Henry to do? Is it his fault that his family oversleeps and just can't get it together in the morning? Henry's dreaded encounters with the school secretary feed his imagination about just what kind of a person she is until one day, he arrives really late--AGAIN--and she's not scowling, growling, or shouting ''HENRY! You're late AGAIN'' at him. In fact, she's smiling! What's up with that?

The book will leave everyone with a positive feeling about life's little problems and teach us all to look for the silver lining in every cloud.

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