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Going the Distance

by Elspeth Kate Ronnander

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Growing up, Elspeth hikes, bikes, and canoes with her family. She obsesses about climbing mountains. But to her, these aren't real sports. After she doesn't succeed at volleyball or soccer, Elspeth finds belonging as a runner and cross-country skier. Always seeking perfection, she relentlessly pushes her body to reach the next level, all the while asking herself, "Am I even an athlete?"

When adversity strikes-- her mind fills with doubt, her left leg fails her, and her invincible hero dies-- she refuses to give up. She picks up the pieces and finds her answer in the pursuits she once doubted to be real sports.

About the author...A native Minnesotan, Elspeth Kate Ronnander began competitive cross-country skiing and running in high school and hasn't stopped since. She's amassed over fifty ski marathon finishes and is continually chasing that elusive six-minute mile. With her husband, she's backpacked and paddled her way across the United States. When not pursuing her passions in the outdoors or making pizza from scratch, Elspeth can be found, for hours at a time, looking at maps and planning her next adventures.

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