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Go Out and Live: A 27-Year Journey of Courage

by Doris Hall, Ken Hall

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Adopted at just four days of age, Allison started out right away in reaching out for life. In her early years, she danced, played the piano, and wrote stories in advance of her peers. A family cross-country move from Arizona to New Jersey brought new levels of adventure, travel, and socialization.

As a preteen, Allison showed ability in track and field, although friendships were her mainstay. Then at sixteen, after numerous medical diagnoses for recurring back pain, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer supposedly immune to radiation and chemotherapy. With a two and one-half year life expectancy, a doctor told her to "go out and live!"

At seventeen, part of her plan to "go out and live" included running away from home to more life experiences of work, love, travel, and then college in Maine. There she attended a small environmental college and found compatibility with nature and with God. Four years after her first operations, the cancer recurred, requiring more surgery. She always returned to her beloved Maine, and, a year later, set off on a new round of adventures on a Maine dairy farm, serving not only as helpmate but hired hand. She describes these as "the happiest years of my life."

Always in Allison's mind was the desire to find her birth mother. Little did she know that at this time her birth mother had started her own search to find Allison.

Still reaching out, Allison returned to the single life and savored more happenings that fate had in store for her. However, eleven years after the original diagnosis, her courageous journey came to an end.

This is not the end of the story, as her parents found a measure of peace in Go Out And Live, a true story, chronicles Allison Hall's adoption, adolescent rebellion, search for her birth mother, first love, college years, life on a Maine dairy farm, early passing at age 27, and her life on the other side.

"I dare you! Try reading this beautiful heartfelt book without moisture in the eye."

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