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Every Day is Making Day

by Sara Triana Mitchell

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Today is the day to make THE THING!


Do you want to make something?


dream up,


and shape something?


Make what only you can make.

Make it today.


Every day is making day!


Every Day is Making Day is a picture book for ages four and up, grades Kindergarten through 5th, about being creative every day. It's an invitation. A call out. An anthem to just MAKE THE THING. It is never too late and never too early to make the thing you were born to make.



Sara Triana Mitchell likes to make poetry, picture books, and raspberry-lemon cakes three layers high. She lives near Houston with her husband, daughters, two cats, and one Airedale terrier. Sara is the author of Love Love Bakery: A Wild Home for All. She can be found in her shade garden and on Instagram.


Priscilla Ornelas loves to paint the New Mexico landscape and bake chocolate chip cookies. She and her husband live in Roswell, New Mexico, with their two children and their very energetic Chihuahua. Check out what Priscilla is making on Instagram!

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