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Ellie's Butterflies: A Loving Story about Understanding Dementia

by Alecia Smith

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Loving someone with dementia can be scary and confusing! Ellie’s Butterflies is a heartwarming story about a young girl who attempts to navigate the complicated emotions that accompany loving someone with dementia.

When Ellie’s mom surprises her family with a trip to visit Grandpa, Ellie is instantly filled with butterflies! Will her grandpa know her? What will she say to him? Does he even love her anymore? Follow Ellie as she learns how to connect with her grandpa and show him love, even though he isn’t like the grandpa she used to know.

About the author...Alecia Smith is a wife, mother to three witty children, and the loving daughter of a heroic military veteran and former police officer currently living with frontotemporal dementia. Since childhood, Alecia has found guidance and inspiration in books. She believes that one of the most powerful ways to connect with people is through the written word. This is her first book.

About the illustrator...Erin Boe is a freelance children’s illustrator and comic artist living in Minnesota with her partner and two kids. This is her fifth children’s book. She absolutely loves roller skating, hammocks, video games, and illustrating families like Ellie’s!

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