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Developing Champions: A Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer

by Roger Derham

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Americans have taken to soccer more than any other youth sport over the last 25 years. From suburbs to inner cities, kids of all ages can be seen finding space to juggle, pass, shoot, and score. The pioneers of soccer in the United States approached the game at the youth levels without much of a manual. They adapted drills as best they could from European clubs (for those that knew) or, more likely, from other sports. Now, youth coaches have the manual they've been lacking for so long. Developing Champions: A Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer breaks down every practice, every strategy, and every level of the sport on an amateur level, preparing kids for a coming of age in the beautiful game. As the United States takes a more prominent position in the sport, the work to be successful starts from the ground up. Building youth who have a passion for soccer, knowledge of the game, and most importantly, fun will always be the keys to success. With this guide, coaches will be well on their way to developing a new set of soccer stars.
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