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Deep Grass Roots: The Adventures and Challenges of Two Women Homesteaders

by Marcia Neely

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Gold-prize winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award in Historical Fiction!


At the dawn of the twentieth century, two young Norwegian women decide to turn their dreams into reality. Leaving their homes near Watson, Minnesota, Tillie Melbakken and Bertha Harstad make the five-hundred-mile journey to a small settlement in western North Dakota, where they file claims on land that appears desolate at first sight, but develops beauty and character as they settle into homestead life in tar paper shacks.


The joy of seeing a pasqueflower bloom sends a shiver of excitement and optimism to the friends, while a prairie fire sparks terror. The birth of a baby evokes elation, even as family disturbances test the community and bring grief. The daily grind of life on the stark prairie provides trials that strain the homesteaders' stamina while developing their character and strength.


Well researched and true to the conditions of the era, Deep Grass Roots is fiction, but the adventures and challenges that confront these homesteaders feel nothing less than real.

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