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Closing the Education Gap: An Education2Aspire Toolbox for Academic Success

by David T. Jones

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How can educators close the education gap with increasingly diverse students with different needs and challenges?


Education2Aspire is an educational development program that equips teachers with strategies to help their students self-actualize both behaviorally and academically through an effort-based learning process. This book shows teachers how to cultivate strategies to allow the intrinsic desires of the students-- not the external forces of the school system-- drive students toward education, behavioral, and social growth. At a time when teachers are trying to improve classroom behavior, the Education2Aspire model shows students self-correcting when given help and support from surrounding adults.


DAVID T. JONES founded Education2Aspire, a nonprofit company, in 2014. His company mission is to train all teachers on how to help their students learn at their exemplary level. Following thirty-eight years in public school education. David's vast experience in professional development roles within the public school system, such as think tanks and various advisory committees, serves as the foundation for his professional development workshop, motivational speaking, and consultation. Learn more about this approach at

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