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Cherishable: An Illuminating Guide for Caregivers and Patients

by Julie Wylie

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In this Christian grief book, Julie's heart-wrenching and spiritually enlightening journey will remind you how to treasure your remaining time with a loved one.

Julie Wylie couldn't imagine life without her mother, Patty. Then Patty received a terminal diagnosis.

Faced with this reality, Julie set out on an intentional journey to commemorate the final days of their endearing relationship.

Through Julie's unique yet universal experiences, you'll discover creative and loving ways to cherish the last phase of life and transform it into a lasting legacy:

  • Create beautiful rituals that celebrate and memorialize your loved one as well as ease your suffering.
  • Live without regrets and be open to final lessons that can help you navigate life without your loved one.
  • Embrace the deep sorrow of grief and experience the joy of its greatest blessings.
  • Look beyond a terminal diagnosis to what lasts beyond this lifetime.

The greater the relationship, the greater the need to commemorate it.

Cherishable inspires us all to cherish our time together, especially when that time is all too short.

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