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Breathe, Ollie!

by Krista Betcher

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2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist for Children's Educational Picture Book (0-6)!

Ollie gets frustrated when things don't go her way. Her mind turns into a twisting, swirling, spinning, whirling, crazy, twirling, mixed-up jumble of commotion!

In this mindfulness for kids book, Ollie learns how to pause and breathe . . . and why that just might help her save the day.

About the Author: Krista Betcher is a mom, a teacher, and an award-winning author. Her books are inspired by her life experiences and are written to help others with their own life transitions and challenges. Krista has written extensively about the grief journey, for both adults and children, with her titles I Know You're Here, I Know You're Here: A Companion Journal, Flutter, Bye, and My Flutter, Bye. Her other titles include Lead On!, a children's book about talents, gifts, and positive leadership, and YAB Helps You Navigate Middle School.

About the Illustrator: Kevin Cannon is an award-winning graphic designer who has drawn everything under the sun, from nonfiction graphic novels to children's books to SpongeBob SquarePants. He has drawn many cartoon maps for Twin Cities publications like the Star Tribune, and his commercial clients include Apple, Target, and the US Naval Academy. Cannon lives in Mounds View, Minnesota, with his wonderful wife, Maggie, and their adorable son, Ulysses.

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