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A Farm Country Silo Filling

by Gordon Fredrickson, Nancy Fredrickson

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Like the other books in the Farm Country series, "A Farm Country Silo Filling" celebrates the joys and challenges of farm life in 1950, but in addition to the story, which is illustrated by Robert Williams, the book contains three sections of photographic essays, including the history of the silo, past corn growing and harvesting, and a section on enthusiasts who work to celebrate and preserve corn harvesting traditions. "A Farm Country Silo Filling" features over three hundred photographs that serve to give the reader historical perspective on raising and harvesting corn. Readers of all ages can share in the fascination of images that capture corn harvest activities in the 1800s and 1900s, collected by Nancy A. Fredrickson from museums and private collections. These photos are accompanied by Gordon W. Fredrickson's family stories and interviews with others that have corn harvesting in their blood.


A unique celebration of harvesting corn, this book draws generations together in a volume sure to become a treasured family heirloom; one not meant to rest quietly on a shelf, but instead, to inspire youth to actively engage in conversations with old-timers as they weave the narrative of the land, giving voice to tales of corn harvests long ago that otherwise may have been lost forever.


"School has started, autumn has arrived, and the Carlson family knows that it is time to start filling the silo. Jimmy, his sister Maggie, and his brother Joey look forward to filling silo with the help of their neighbors because it means playing with their friends and eating big meals prepared for the workers, but their parents have another plan. With the help of their grandfather, their parents strike out on their own by investing in their own silage cutter so they can fill their silo without help from anyone else. The task is huge and they are challenged by bad luck and bad weather. Will they have the courage and stamina to pull through?"

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