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A Farm Country Haying

by Gordon Fredrickson, Nancy Fredrickson

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Like the other books in the Farm Country Tales series, A Farm Country Haying celebrates the joys and challenges of farm life in the 1950s. With over 600 photographs and illustrations, this farm coffee table book is a portrait of American farm heritage that, without storytelling, would otherwise be lost to time.


Organized into five parts, this collection shares:

  • a brief history of different haying methods
  • a journey with haymakers, detailing their use of past and present farming technology
  • a fun, fact-based rhyming story of haying on a small farm in 1950
  • personal haying memories, farm art, and miniatures from 100+ contributors
  • a celebration of a farm show that showcases the progression of haying equipment, including details of the invention of the first round baler.



From the illustrated story to the carefully gathered firsthand accounts, A Farm Country Haying draws generations together with haying memories and historic detail for hours of family discussion. When relatives and friends gather around kitchen tables to swap stories of the past or present, it's the authors' hope that one of them may pull out A Farm Country Haying to enhance the ongoing story swap. Cheers, to the storytellers and to the listeners, their contributions to our oral history energize our farm pride and memories of hard work and fun.

In 2014 Gordon and Nancy Fredrickson were awarded an Honorary Chapter FFA Degree for promoting Agricultural Literacy and preserving Farm Heritage through literature.

From the Collegiate FFA, University of Minnesota Crookston
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