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A Farm Country Harvest

by Gordon Fredrickson, Nancy Fredrickson

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Summer is ending, the grain has been cut, and Jimmy Carlson and his family wait nervously for the arrival of the threshing machine. When it rumbles onto the farm, the whole neighborhood gathers for a long day of spreading shocks, loading, pitching, threshing, and, of course, the threshing feast. But as Jimmy's family and neighbors work hard to bring in the Carlsons' precious grain, a few of the boys do some troublemaking of their own. Like the other books in the "Farm Country Series", "A Farm Country Harvest" celebrates the joys and challenges of 1950s farm life. The children's story, illustrated by Robert Williams, complements two photographic essays celebrating harvest traditions of the past and their preservation by today's old-time enthusiasts. Readers of all ages can share in the fascination of images capturing harvest work in the 1800s and 1900s, collected by Nancy A. Fredrickson from museums and private collections, and accompanied by Gordon W. Fredrickson's family stories and interviews with others who have threshing in their blood. A unique celebration of harvest time in farm life, this book draws generations together in a volume sure to become a treasured family heirloom.
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